Website Design and SEO by BrittsDesign

Affordable SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Web Design Service and Website Hosting by BrittsDesign McKenzie, TN. 

BrittsDesign creates and maintains SEO-based websites for home based and both small and large businesses, as well as individual professionals and religious organizations. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which REALLY MEANS that every website page has its own detailed text about your product or service that may match text that people type in their search boxes, to the text that is on one or more of your website pages.  Each page, or topic, of your site, responds independently to words being typed.  If you don’t have optimized text, your site will be invisible to strangers!  I have the equipment, knowledge, and twelve years of experience in website design that allows me to provide you with a professional SEO (Search Engine Optimized) website that people CAN READILY FIND when they go to the Internet - without requiring PPC (Pay-Per-Click) subscriptions. 

Millions of people are connecting to the Internet every day. Many of these users are potential customers for your business. HOW DO THEY FIND YOU among the scores of thousands of businesses that may do just what you do?  I specialize in SEO optimized web pages where people can find you ahead of the thousands of other competing sites. With your help, I can build a professionally designed SEO website for you that will not only impress your piers and your audience but most importantly, will allow total strangers to find you based solely on the specific products or services they are looking for.  Beyond initial SEO optimized website development, my services include managing all of the details of your site beyond the initial website development - including website hosting.

The Internet is an exceptional way to provide support material and information to existing customers and clients, as well as being THE method of commerce for the next millennium.

If you sell a service, with e-commerce, you are may interested in reaching customer in some specific radius from your current location. If you sell a product, very possibly you can draw in customer from the entirety of North America and anywhere from around the world as well.  To get a feeling for how big that potential may be, click on the link to Internet Usage and then think about the customer base you would like to target if you choose to pursue it.

In our global economy, the Internet and its World Wide Web has created a fundamental change in the way we communicate and do business. It has created a worldwide marketplace, linking thousands of businesses and customers. It has changed the way people and companies communicate and collaborate; which, in turn, is changing the way we can do business.

The Internet lets you...

  • expand your markets far beyond your local
  • build an online presence that assures new customers can find you
  • sharply improve the number of qualified prospects that find your site
  • sell your products and services where ever you choose geographically
  • find and exchange information

Businesses today are just beginning to realize the added value of having an Internet Website that your target customers can actually find that can provide to the specific products and services they are looking for. With BrittsDesign, establishing an SEO Optimized Website that brings highly qualified new customers to your doorstep couldn't be easier.  While I am located in McKenzie, TN and operating from a home office, all of my contacts are by phone and e-mail, so it really doesn’t matter where you are located, we can still work closely together with no loss of continuity.

For business sites, I lean toward industrial related firms and individual professionals, rather than retail shopping cart type sales.  You will find that I will not advocate or steer you toward PPC (Pay-Per-Click) subscriptions, where you are "continually buying your way in" to try to be the first on the page.  If you manufacture an industrial product or offer industrial or professional services, you can likely do very well without pay-per-click.  After all, the Internet is a FREE medium.  A site in which the contextual content of the page is knowledgeable SEO optimized to, first of all, be “search engine friendly” and take 100% advantage of cost-free nature of the World Wide Web.  An SEO optimized site that extensively relies on the text describing your products and services that, like this site, will place you near the first to appear in a qualified visitors search.

If you found this site, you did so because you have typed in words or phrases that match the words I have used here - otherwise you would never have found me among the hundreds of thousand of self-proclaimed website builders. Most of which are themselves invisible on the web without already knowing their company name someway.